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    Save dialogue box file name field needs to be bigger


      Im currently using CC 2015 (so apologies if this has been fixed in a recent release) and my Photoshop workflow uses extremely long file names. These can look something like:


      Client_Product_Product Descriptor_Size_Resolution_Compression.PSD


      Or something similar - the above example is actually short compared to most of the file names I have. The problem is, the filename field where this is displayed in the Save As dialogue box is ridiculously small compared to the size of the window it sits in. Why is this so, when the field could easily be widened to fit the available width? See the below example...


      File Dialogue Box.png


      Does anyone have a workaround for this? Is it something that has been addressed in a later version?




      p.s. the reason I am using CC2015 is that its a work computer, and "those in charge" have not allowed us the upgrade to the later version.