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    Is it possible to copy a 3D extrusion layer and change text?


      For context, I'm new to Photoshop so bear with me. I've searched around the web and tutorials but this question is very specific and I can't seem to put the answer together.


      Essentially, I want to take a simple 3D box with text on the front of it e.g. "Stop" and create another box with the exact same dimensions and properties with the word "Start" on it. This seems like it should be easy to do but with my limited skill set, the only way I can see to get text on the box is to create a rectangle, type the text, merge the layers then create a 3D object.  At this point, I can't change the text even if I duplicate the layer.


      Is there a general best practice for how to re-use 3D layers that I'm missing or perhaps a direct way to accomplish this?


      Thanks for any help you can provide.