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    PLEASE HELP - Frustrating "move / position" dialogue box slowing down my work!


      I have been using the same PC with the same version of indesign CS6 for the last two and a half years, and have become accustomed to working rapidly, the tools working how I expect etc.


      After the cyber attacks earlier this month, my IT manager installed some updates, and it appears to have messed up some of the settings. My mouse also stopped working and had to be replaced. Now, for some reason, whenever I click on the selection tool now while a frame is selected, I get this dialogue box interrupting my flow, and I have to cancel, deselect the other item and then when everything is deselected, re-click the tool, in order to use it how I would usually expect.


      Can anybody tell me how to turn off this function? It's driving me nuts and REALLY slowing me down! I haven't found any answers searching through the forums.