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    dreamweaver extension problem

      Hello all
      im little newbie in develop Adobe Air Application,
      i downloaded Dreamweaver CS3 trial and Adobe Air Extension for dreamweaver
      i install all with success
      now, i try to use the Air Application Setting with a sample, but i can't access the configuration panel, always i have this message :
      Title of the msg box :
      "Adobe Air Extension for Dreamweaver"
      Message :
      "Java Runtime Environnment (JRE) version 1.4 or higher is required in order to create the AIR file. Please install it and run the command again."

      the problem, i already have installed the JRE (i use actually the 1.6.0_07), i try a lot of things (like, re-install jre, dreamweaver, air extension, download again, re-install).. but cannot use the Air setting..

      config :
      windows xp sp2
      P4 3.2 Ghz
      4 Go ram

      Someone have an idea about this problem ?
      thanks in advance
      best regards
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          bobathom Level 1
          Thanks for your reply..
          but.. it's not help me very well :o)
          too long to explain ? can you give some direction to explore?
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            bobathom Level 1
            nobody can help ?
            in addition to the problem, i look around the dreamweaver config
            i find the error msg come from the file "AIRSettings.js", it's appear the var jreversionObj cannot retrieve the good version of jre who is installed on my os ..
            i do not understand why .. so i comment the line who check this.. and at last, i can acceed to the AIR panel settings in dreamweaver CS3,

            but now, when i try to compile my Air app.. i have the msg where i have to make a certificat,
            i try it, but have an error msg say "Error creating the digital certificate file. An error log was created"
            and in the AIR error log file : i have some unknow caracters in file like "Y" with 2 point on it..
            any advice to solve this ?
            thanks in advance (and sorry for my english :o)
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              Okay I had the same problem but here is what I found to be the problem and solution (hopefully)


              I am running a 64-Bit OS so I installed the 64-Bit Java client, the issue is that Dreamweaver is checking for the 32-bit Java App... so I installed the 32-bit Java install (you can have them both on your system) and everything began working correctly


              Hope this helps

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                I also have this problem but I havent been able to find a 32 bit java to install & dont know how to configure things so Dreamweaver pics up the right version. Might be nice for Adobe to fix the original problem.