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    Long Process , not terminating

    plarts Level 1

      I have written an application which runs a long process.

      On different PCs, this process last around 30mn.

      On local PC, with Windows 7 and CF9, no problem, everything is OK.

      I have put these lines :

      <cfflush interval="10">

      <cfsetting requesttimeout = "6000">


      Then , I have to put it on the Internet, to let access to different users from external after the long process.

      And , on Internet, on a shared serveur Windows 2008, CF9, same conditions,

      that long process makes 3/4 of the job, then  the screen never change, nothing happens, no error message.

      wait wait, but nothing.


      Any help is welcome, to understand this different behaviour from these 2 different environment.

      Thanks, Pierre.

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          plarts Level 1

          4 weeks after, no answer, no help, no ideas ???

          I do not understand why a CF application runs well on a local PC (win7 and CF9),

          and do not terminate, or take 5 time the time to run on an Internet 2008 server with CF9

          processing can last between 15mn to 30mn on the local PC. (very large data file to be treated)


          I look for some advises, some way to investigate.


          This is a STOP of the project.


          Thanks to all.


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            BKBK Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            What does the code look like?

            What happens if you leave out the cfflush and only use the cfsetting?