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    Text Paragraph - Line Spacing badly broken (CC 2017.1.1)

    neil wilkes Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Line Spacing broken.png


      In the above image, I am trying to get the track names sitting underneath each other but it simply does not work.

      The setting above is at 1 pixel, as you can clearly see, on 12 point text - at that setting the lines should be ion top of each other but as you can see it is impossibly wide and I literally cannot set it smaller. I cannot set negative values and it makes no difference if I copy & paste a block of text or else enter it all directly in the Text Tool.

      Photoshop was starting to get it's act together with text but this is dreadful - how can I fix this without having to type in each line separately please?

      Making a text box or a smart object also does not help as shrinking that screws with the text size.


      I will have to do this one line at a time for this one but please, please fix this bug!! It is making text entry very difficult & a LOT of aggravation as everything must now be done one line at a time.