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    Active script SUBMIT FORM botton for URL (server)


      In a personalised SUBMIT FORM botton I've to enter an ACTIVE SCRIPT with the URL of the server (in my case it's SharePoint Foundation 2013, with a "workspace name" and a "document library") -> see the "Submit Form Selections":

      Submit Form Selections klein.JPG

      I want that a copy of the form will be saved in the SharePoint Workspace.




         URL: https://abc.workshare.com/mypage

         Workspace name: All-Operations

         Dokument library: Reports


           All together: https://abc.workshare.com/mypage/all-operations/reports/


      An export in the "PDF Form" forum explained me, that this must be an ACTIVE SCRIPT.

      Someone could write for me the ACTIVE SCRIPT?

      Thank you very much.