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    Exporting an Illustrator file as multiple PDF pages, using data from a CSV file


      Hello all,


      I am very new to scripting and I'm not having much luck at finding any solutions online so far, but if you think this would be easier in InDesign or anything else please let me know. I have a bit of experience with JavaScript, so it's a plus, but still hasn't helped me so far unfortunately.


      I'm currently trying to figure out the best approach at writing a script which will generate multiple PDFs from reading a CSV file, which would use the 2 pages in Illustrator as a template, create 2 pages inside a PDF with an imported serial number which will be placed into a text box at the bottom of the second page. This process may continue up to 100 pages, so every 2 pages the serial number would change for each serial number found within the CSV.


      This is a 6 digit number, so maybe a script that detects every 6 number digit within the CSV, then stores it within an array that then counts the total and creates 2 pages within a PDF for every serial number found.


      Any help or links to useful topics will be fantastic, as I can't seem to find anything at the moment!


      Cheers guys!