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    File Importer no decompressing PrPixelFormat_PALDV100_1080i frames

    AngelAndres Level 1

      I am developing a file importer plugin using SDK 2015 over Premiere Pro CC 2017, and I'm finding problems decompressing some DV frame formats. Using PrPixelFormat_YUYV_422_8u_601, PrPixelFormat_YUYV_422_8u_709, PrPixelFormat_ARGB_4444_8uPrPixelFormat_PALDV25 or PrPixelFormat_PALDV50 everything works fine. The problems arise when Premiere asks for PrPixelFormat_PALDV100_1080i frames. In this case, the behavior of Premiere is as follows:


      WindowBehaviourHeader 3
      Project windowScrubbing the source clip and sequences containing the source clip work. When the video is double clicked to be opened on the preview window, the clip becomes a green square (as if the frame was not being decompressed)
      Preview windowScrubbing or playing the video just shows a green square
      Media exportDepending on the output format, video is shown and rendered correctly or not shown at all


      The same code is working perfectly for DV and DV50 frames, so does anyone know what's the difference with DV100? Should I do something different?