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    How to add a button to quick bar.

    Skyzar Level 1

      The title is a bit confusing so let me elaborate here.


      My Goal -> On opening a PDF my users are supposed to have my button on their (ideally) Quick Tools Bar.


      The button will have it's own script which will create a custom stamp (I got that part figured out) but I just can't get it to have an Icon from the start when opening the PDF. I would like this to happen on a Folder-Level Script.


      My code is failing on the part where it has to import an icon:




      function insertStamp(){


                page: 0,

                type: "Stamp",

                author: "Author",

                name: "myStamp",

                rect: [400, 400, 550, 500],

                AP: "SBConfidential",

                lock: false




      importIcon("myIcon", "/C/Users/Me/Desktop/ICON.png");

      var my_oIcon = util.iconStreamFromIcon(myDoc.getIcon('myIcon'));



           cName: "unique",

           oIcon: my_oIcon,

           cExec: "insertStamp",

           cTooltext: "Insert Stamp",

           cEnable: true,

           nPos: 0,

           cLabel: "Insert Stamp"





      ReferenceError: importIcon is not defined






      I would be thankful for any solutions, documentations, samples and knowledge you guys could pass on. Just started trying to code a bit of acrobat.