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    Sketch support for Wacom styluses




      I'm looking for a pressure sensitive stylus to replace the 4€ piece i've used for a few weeks.
      Wacom's lineup has got me confused.
      Creative Stylus 2 seems most obvious choice at first sight, but it supports ipads only up to Mini 3 / Air 1 according to their website


      How about Bamboo Fineline 2 / Fineline 3 and Adobe Sketch?


      Am i getting it right - this is Fineline 3
      Bamboo-Fineline-Getting-Started | Wacom

      No support for Adobe apps!


      And here's Fineline 2

      Getting Started: The Bamboo Fineline 2 iPad Stylus | Wacom

      fully supporting Adobe?


      As said i'm specifically interested in having pressure sensitivity in Sketch...