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    Workflow "Auto Load" Images from a File Directory to edit one at a time

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      Photoshop CC 2017.1.1   Windows 10

      Basically I want to be able to have PS open a folder of image files. Let's say 200 images to 1000 images. Open them 1 at a time or in batches of 10 to 15 so I can edit them personally and or verify all is good. Save. Open next image(s) in the file directory. I would like to process all the files until the file directory has been edited. Open. Edit. Save. Close. repeat


      Right now I drag/drop 15 images at a time into PS and run actions and personal edits on each. Save/Close repeat. I do this repetitive time over and over and I would like to find a way to automate the opening of each image in the file directory.




      Open first image in file directory. Personal Edits. Save. Close. Open next image in file directory.

      (Continue this process until all the files in the directory have been processed. Being able to stop at personally apply edits to each.




      Automate --> Batch Process.
      This does not seem to work because I can't stop the images as they are being processed to personally edit things on each picture. Open. Edit. Save. Close. repeat.

      I need to personally edit each image, not just run actions on each. I already batch process images before opening them one at a time to complete personal edits on them.


      I can stop and edit in an action. I want to automate the opening of the next image in the file directory. Open. Edit. Save. Close. repeat

      Batch processing an edit with a stop/pause stops the batch from continuing to process images. So putting a stop in the action doesn't work.



      I found this AutoLoader program. Unfortunately, it no longer works it seems with the latest PS version. As well PS no longer supports Extendscript Toolkit CC. Which does not recognize PS 2017. As well, old JS is not supported? HTML5? The reason Extendscript was dropped?




      Love to hear some solutions/answers to this work fow solution.  I don't want to have to learn how to script or write code. (Im a doctor Jim, not a brick layer! - Dr. McKoy)



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          norman.sanders Adobe Community Professional & MVP


          the files are jpg and after processing they are to be saved as psd files

          file size and memory  can accommodate the method

          Photoshop is running

          … the following works on a Mac and may very well work on your pc


          1. Go to the subdirectory listing many image files

          2. Choose the first one, then hold down the Shift key and click on the tenth one, for example.  All those will be chosen.

          3. Right click in the chosen file area and choose Open from the drop down menu. All those files will open in Photoshop

          4. Edit. A multi layer correction of a file

          5. Cmd+S twice followed by Cmd+W. File will be saved in the same directory as a psd and closed.

          6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 each of the open files.


          Repeat with the next ten or more

          If the existing file in the list is already a psd file, Step 5 requires only one tap of Cmd+S…but…the revised file will overwrite the existing file.

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            I am working Windows 10 and they are actually psd files and I am editing them and saving as .jpg as the output. Not really important. My edits will be cloning and undetermined image specific changes.... not a general edit that can be applied as a batch or action over all the images.


            The question is how to automate the opening of each image automatically for individual edits. I already choose 15 images at a time and open them all at once in PS for individual edits. 


            Let's say I am editing 500 images (Wedding Photography). I have to repeat this image selection process 33 times.  I do this day and day out and want to replace this very repetitive process of selecting images with some automation.


            The Key here is automate the selection of a file directory of images to be opened one at a time for undefined edits on each individually.


            ps: Cmd+S twice followed by Cmd+W can be put in an action and 1 button push to speed things up for you. :-)

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              I found this AutoLoader program. Talked with the programmer who wrote it and works perfectly. Loading images from a file directory one a time for editing until the entire folder is processed.

              Loads images automatically one after the other for personal edition.

              Saves so much repetitive processing of opening the files manually over and over to process my queue.  Either one at a time or in batches of 10 or 16 at a time for edits.


              So surprised that Adobe has not tackled this issue. I see it has come up for many years with no solution. Batch process doesn't work because you can't stop the batch for editing. Actions do not work to open the next file. Batching actions is not the solution either since you can't stop for edits. If you stop the action... the batch stops.



              Process a queue of images one at a time for individual and undetermined edits on each.