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    corrupt .XPJ file?

      I'm having trouble opening a project file that I have not worked on since September. Everything was fine in September, but since then I did have a problem with my laptop, where Dell Tech Support had to refresh my registry keys. (may or may not be relevent)
      Now, when I open the .XPJ file, the project opens but I get the Vista "busy circle" (used to be the hour glass) whenever I move the mouse. If I try to click on a topic (or anything), the title bar displays "not responding" and sometimes shuts down RH.
      I can open other projects without a problem, but I can not open my back up copy of this project.
      I tried uninstalling and reinstalling RH 7, v2.
      I thought there was a quick way to fix a corrupt project file by doing something to one of the other files?? Any ideas are appreciated!