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    Importer reported a generic error (Windows 10, .mp4, 4k/30)

    bernhtp Level 1

      I'm new to Adobe Premier Elements and am having problems.  I'm primary using it to edit video from a DJI Phantom 4 Pro.


      My first problem was that my original shoot was using the h.265 4k encoding format.  It never occurred to me that a company like Adobe wouldn't support a new (but not brand new) codec.


      Then I completely redid the shoot using mp4 h.264 4k/30 format.  Most of the media (photos and videos) imported fine, but some generated the message: The importer reported a generic error.  The failure was consistent on specific files regardless of whether imported in batch or singly.


      The failed videos play just fine in the standard Windows player.  I don't see any relationship between failing/succeeding on the videos in terms of size, etc.  Some do, some don't.


      A "generic error" is obviously not helpful.  I've been CTO of five software companies and frankly would have fired someone for this.


      Is there a known cause with a fix, or at least a circumvention, other than purchasing another editing package?




      Hardware: MS Surface Book 16G RAM.


      Software: Windows 10 Creators Edition (all updates).  Adobe Premier Elements 15 (all updates).  Camera: DJI Phantom 3 Pro (all updates).  Format: .mp4, h.264, 4k/30.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Premiere Elements 15 can edit XAVC 4 video -- which is a 3840x2160 MP4. Is this the video your Phantom is shooting?


          Also, try installing Quicktime 7. (You can disable or choose not to install the QuicktimePlayer.exe, since it's a problematic program -- but you may well need the other components.)

          QuickTime 7.6 for Windows

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            bernhtp Level 1

            Thanks.  I installed the latest QT from Apple and it actually fixed my generic error on importing mp4 4k/30 h.264 video, but it doesn't add support for h.265 (XAVC).  When trying to import I get “This type of file is not supported, or the required codex is not installed.”


            Thanks for the help so far.  Is there something else I need for x.265 support?


            BTW, if instead of "generic error" I received something like "QuickTime 7 is required to support Apple video containers - Please download install from here," it would have prevented a large loss of time.

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              whsprague Adobe Community Professional

              h.265 is still a bit of a dream.  There are very few cameras that use it.  Most NLEs, except for the expensive ones, don't use it.  The main issue is licensing costs. 


              Premiere Elements 15 is not going to get it.  If licensing changes, version 16 might next fall.  No one knows. 


              If you really have to have it, step up to Premiere Pro, FCP, Davinci or another top of the line NLE.   For the low end NLEs, I think I've read that Cyberlink PowerDirector has it.  When Samsung was still selling the NX1, they included a copy of PowerDirector for editing the H.265 footage.  

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                bernhtp Level 1

                Aren't the decoders usually free and only the encoders require a license?  Here we just need import/decode support for h.265 and don't need to render in that format.


                I tied PowerDirector but its trial version does not allow me to import any of my video.  Disappointingly stupid.  I would have purchased it had it worked.


                Disregarding the h.265 support issue, I can't get Adobe Premier Elements to function much at all.  Now that I can import the 4k/30 h.264 video, it won't play at any speed within the timeline viewer (about 1 frame every 15 sec).  It spawns a process "Adobe QT32 Server 8.0" that uses almost 50% CPU on my I7 for while, but ultimately doesn't like to render the frame at the selected point on the timeline.  It suggests I render the timeline, but doing so doesn't remedy the problem.


                I have upper-end hardware in a vanilla config with completely up-to-date software, but nothing works as advertised.


                Does Adobe Support monitor these forums?  Disappointed.