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    ColdFusion 2016 Application Server service will not start


      Hey -


      I recently upgraded our ColdFusion10 to ColdFusion 2016 Upgrade 3. After the initial upgrade, I opened CF Admin as local host in my browser and completed the migration settings as their instructions stated in the coldfusion-2016-lockdown-guide. After that was complete, I logged in and Server Upgrade stated I needed to upgrade to version 4. Followed the instructions, and rebooted the server to be certain the services would start, but 1 of the three services do not start.


      - ColdFusion 2016 Application Server service. The error is below:


      I typically have the service running as a service account (which has full permissions to my ColdFusion 2016 server on my E:\) I thought that my be my original issue, but when I switched it back to running as the Local System, it still will not start.


      Event Viewer isn't much help stating "The ColdFusion 2016 Application Server service could not be started.  Check the server "cfusion" log files for more information." Not really sure what log files I should be opening, and the ones I'm picking do not seem very helpful.


      Does anyone have any ideas?