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    How do I save an Indesign 2.0 book into a file that will open in a new version of Indesign?


      I still have (and ONLY have!) InDesign 2.0 from a former life.  So today I subscribed to InDesign 2017 in order to be able to work with the book that I put in Indesign 2.0, and now want to publish, but am having lots of problems with because of all the bugs (or lack thereof) in that old version.

      HOWEVER, I CANNOT EXPORT FROM OLD VERSION OR IMPORT FROM NEW VERSION due to all the years of upgrades between versions.

      Does anyone know how to help me with this?

      The young Adobe expert online said to get on here and ask you guys.  His only advice was to ask you all what kind of file to save the old unpublished book in so that I can import or save in new InDesign version.

      Thanks so much in advance to anyone who has a brilliant idea for this!