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    How to recreate the AMO Order (CT+VT) metric in Analytics?

    jorisdebeer Level 2


      We have AMO data flowing back into Adobe Analytics. How can I reproduce AMO's Order (CT+VT) metric that is used in the Basic > Portfolio report. I want to use the same metric in Adobe Analytics.

      I tried creating an Adobe Analytics segment with the AMO Clicks and AMO Impressions metrics, but it seems they aren't compatible with segmentation.

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          jkelson44 Level 1

          Hello jorisdebeer,

          The conversion metric you have in AMO should already be available in Analytics. Is the AMO Order metric you reference from your analytics integration or a separate AMO pixel conversion event?

          If you give me your AMO user ID I can look into your specific integration a bit more thoroughly to help you out. Also, any additional information into what you are trying to do may help me help you resolve the issue.