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    Introduce Yourself!

    TanmayM Adobe Employee

      Hi Everyone,


      We are happy to have you on the Adobe Advertising Cloud Community!


      Feel free to introduce yourself on this thread and connect to other members of the community as well.


      Here goes mine:

      I am Tanmay and I am working as a Community Manger for Ad Cloud and Analytics and have been with Adobe for the past 15 months now. I hold a MBA degree in Marketing and engineering degree in Electronics. Also, I am an Automobile Enthusiast and love to talk anything and everything related to Cars. I have written case studies and articles on the automotive industry for a handful of publications and magazines. Also have a Facebook page on cars. Apart from that I would usually be spending time watching a TV series or gaming on my PC. I am a Call of Duty and Need for Speed fan.



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          ritikam90154231 Adobe Employee

          Hello everyone,

          I am Ritika Mahajan working as Consultant - AMO. Working with Adobe for past 2 years. A digital marketing Enthusiast, eager to learn new strategies. Love to listen music and read.

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            ManuMalhotra Adobe Employee


            I am Manu Malhotra. I work with Adobe as a Consultant - AMO. I am passionate about Marketing. I love running and reading books on Leadership, Management & Spiritual subjects.

            Look forward to a great learning and sharing experience.



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              rajarams Level 1


              This is Rajaram. I am a backend Engineer for the Search Channel at AMO and have been so for more than 4 years now. I primarily work on the Yahoo Gemini search channel, but would be able to help on other topics related to Campaign Management as well. Outside of work, computers and electronics fascinate me. I work on my pet projects, both hardware and software. When I need a break, I go out running, read random non fiction and treat myself to great food!

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                nidhik Level 3

                Hello Everyone,

                I am Nidhi Kapoor, Senior Consultant - AMO, working with Adobe for past two years. I am a passionate marketing professional with MBA from Trinity College, Dublin. I’ve worked with start-ups as well as large MNCs as part of my career experience and have gained extensive knowledge and experience in Search, Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online Partnership advertising and third party display activities with hands on experience in managing good budget campaigns. I have always been proactive to contribute, share my domain knowledge and at the same time eager to learn and enhance on industry updates and concepts.  

                During my personal time, I like to Paint, play Tennis and Swim.

                Looking forward to participate and learning experience here.



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                  saurabhkhetrapal Adobe Employee

                  Hello Everyone,

                  I am Saurabh Khetrapal, Consultant -  AMO, have joined Adobe in April'16 and taking care of APAC region (India). I am a online marketing enthusiast who is always looking to explore new ideas and learn new things. I've worked in couple of domains in travel sector and with Ad network where I've managed to gain notable experience and good knowledge in the online advertising ecosystem and client servicing.

                  I'm passionate about riding bikes and exploring new ones. During my free time, I like to play cricket, watch movies, listen to music and catch up with my friends. 

                  Not to miss, I like to meet new people and hit the gym after office hours.

                  This is great platform to learn and share your experiences, looking forward for the same.

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                    jkelson44 Level 1

                    Hello everyone! Happy to be here! My name is Josh Kelson and I am a consultant/Account Manager on Media Optimizer. I have been with Adobe 5 years and have experience with search, display, and some social. I have also built many dashboards utilizing Spreadsheet Feeds as well as Report Builder. I have experience also working in Adobe Analytics. I look forward to participating more in the community and lending a hand where I can.

                    In my free time I am an avid outdoorsman, and enjoy alpine skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking, photography, trail running, waterskiing, surfing, and just about anything outdoors. I'm currently pursuing a masters degree in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University. 

                    I also love food and cooking, so if you have any great recipes feel free to share! Looking forward to the community!


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                      TanmayM Adobe Employee

                      @All - Thank you everyone for taking out time out of your schedule for the community! Your collective knowledge and participation is the biggest asset we could have. If any of you guys also have blogs or articles written around AMO and related concepts, feel free to share and promote them on your blog sharing thread. Also you can start discussions or share your experiences around Marketing & Advertising which may be helpful to others. 

                      I also see a wide variety of interests as some overlaps well apart from being marketing enthusiasts! So I am doing a rough categorization here :) 

                      Music - Ritika, Saurabh & me

                      Running - Manu, Rajaram & Josh

                      Sports - Josh, Saurabh & Nidhi

                      Reading - Ritika, Manu & Rajaram

                      Food - Josh, Rajaram & me

                      Feel free to connect with other members of the community and make it a cool place learn as well as have fun!


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                        Sahil Vohra Level 1

                        Hello Folks,

                        I am Sahil Vohra, working with EMEA GDC for AMO Consultancy since April 2014. I am into digital domain for more than half of the decade worked with Publicis for different digital agencies before joining Adobe. I am also passionate about travelling, runing, treking ,reading, poetry ( yes I am greedy).

                        Look forward to interesting conversations and some brain storming over this platform.


                        Sahil Vohra

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                          TanmayM Adobe Employee

                          Welcome to the Community Sahil! Its great to have you here.


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                            ranjansingh Adobe Employee

                            Hello Everyone,


                            I am Ranjan Kr. Singh working as an Associate Consultant – AMO. Working with adobe for past 2 years. I am passionate about Marketing and Innovation.

                            I love poetry, music, cooking and love to systematize things.


                            This is great experience sharing and learning platform. Looking forward to participate and learn.




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                              TanmayM Adobe Employee

                              Hi Ranjan! 

                              It is great to have you here. Looking forward to your participation in the community. 

                              Josh has company now, someone who loves cooking :) 

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                                jkelson44 Level 1

                                Haha, finally!! :) 

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                                  stang_gappa Level 1

                                  Hello everyone,

                                  My name is Stang Gappa, and I do in-house paid search for Creditcards.com.  We've been able to implement AMO with an internal predictive analytics program to more accurately forecast revenue and help us better manage our spend.  Excited to meet other AMO users.



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                                    jkelson44 Level 1

                                    Welcome, Stang. I look forward to interacting with any questions you may have.


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                                      chpham Level 1

                                      Hi everyone,

                                      I'm Chau Pham. I'm mainly in Analytics, but look at AMO measures with our SEM team. I'm looking forward to sharing and learning more about AMO.



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                                        TanmayM Adobe Employee

                                        Welcome Stang and Chau! Its great to have you on the community. Feel free to invite your fellow AMO users as well. smiley

                                        Leverage this place to ask questions, find information and share your knowledge about the product. 



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                                          ayeshas15857978 Level 1

                                          Hello All,

                                          I, Ayesha Singhal, working with EMEA GDC AMO Consultancy for 2.5 years now, am into digital domain for 6 years across various platforms. I am looking forward to answer on the queries posted on this community plus learn alongside with interesting discussions and brain storming over interesting topics.


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                                            Garrett Chung Adobe Employee

                                            Hi community, I'm Garrett and part of the APAC Advertising Cloud/AMO team for two years. I can assist with any questions regarding data import/export, DTM implementation, tagging, audiences, account set-up and integrations with the other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions.

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                                              abhishekm99 Level 1

                                              Hello All,


                                              Feels great to be here! My name is Abhishek Mathur and I work on Paid Search at MakeMyTrip. I have almost 7+ yrs of Experience with Digital Marketing and worked across various platforms. This is a great initiative for us to learn more about the Cloud and share our experiences and feedback.



                                              Abhishek Mathur

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                                                singhstar Adobe Employee

                                                Hi everyone,

                                                I am Jagpreet Singh. I joined Adobe 3 months ago. I have 12 + years of marketing experience. I love to learn new technologies. I am here to explore what's new in Adobe Media Optimizer, share best practices and learn from my fellow community members.

                                                I am an avid biker and an adventure enthusiast.




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                                                  jillianm16412545 Level 1

                                                  Hi Everyone,


                                                  Excited to learn more from all of you! 


                                                  My name is Jillian Mandell and I have been with Adobe for 3 years. Previously was on the AMO East sales team, I just joined the Ad Cloud Client Partner agency sales team and am based in NYC.


                                                  Hoping to learn more about the backend systems of the Ad Cloud as well as the integrations with other Experience Cloud products as they are further built out.





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                                                    jillianm16412545 Level 1

                                                    Also- interests include reading, trying new restaurants around NYC, and boxing (as of recently ) !

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                                                      TanmayM Adobe Employee

                                                      Hi Garrett, Abhishek, Jagpreet & Jillian!

                                                      It is great to have you here. Explore the community, ask questions and connect.

                                                      Looking forward to your participation in the community.

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                                                        NitiBeri Level 1

                                                        Hi Everyone,


                                                        I am Niti Beri, Director for Paid Media at iProspect -  a Performance agency. Over the past one year I am seen AMO bringing efficiency for a couple of our clients. Therefore the keenness to understand it better. Another product that makes me curious is TubeMogul. Haven't experienced that yet, but I am sure exciting days lie ahead.




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                                                          TanmayM Adobe Employee

                                                          Hello Niti,


                                                          Pleasure to have you here! It's good to know AMO has helped your clients and with the new Advertising Cloud offering its a beginning of the next level. TubeMogul is now Advertising Cloud DSP, so if you have any questions around that feel free to write to this community.


                                                          By the way, we are hosting a webinar on 'Managing Portfolios during Peak Seasons' on 29th June. So inviting you and others on this thread stang_gappa chpham abhishekm99 , please register on this page - Adobe


                                                          Many thanks,


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                                                            BMosco Level 1

                                                            Hello Tanmay,


                                                            My name is Brandon Mosco, I am very new to the community.  I am a student in a Marketing degree program and always looking for insight into this industry.  I am also, and self-taught and freelance web designer.  I look forward to learning and communication with the best of you in this community forum.





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                                                              Level 1

                                                              Hi, im Ovi,


                                                              i am passionate about technology, web development, online advertisnig and ... CARS (BMW especially).

                                                              I have a pretty large experience in the above areas.


                                                              I have many websites and pages mostly produced as a freelancer.

                                                              I work as a Sales Asociate for Adobe CC at this time and looking to know people on the web to whom i can relate and develop togheter.


                                                              Sites >






                                                              and many more .. looking forward to know you.

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                                                                ktm00 Level 1

                                                                Hi everyone, I'm Karim Muhtar from Lebanon. I'm currently a freelance UI & UX designer. I've been in the creative field for more than 8 years now. Check out my portfolio on www.karimmuhtar.com - I'd love to hear your feedback on what you liked most.

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                                                                  Arpit Sharma Adobe Employee

                                                                  Hey everyone -- My name is Arpit Sharma. Working with Adobe for 2+ years now and working in paid search since '12.


                                                                  I love to learn on various subjects -- Leadership, Spirituality, Hinduism, Psychology to name a few. Have been an active contributor on communities like Quora, Reddit.


                                                                  I like spending my lone time reading, writing, practicing yoga & meditation and most importantly, introspecting.


                                                                  It's been a hell of journey in life till now and I stay excited to explore untouched dimensions.

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                                                                    Zeshan Ahmer Adobe Employee

                                                                    Hello Everyone,

                                                                    I’m Zeshan and part of NA Ad Cloud/AMO team for 15 months now. I’m a Digital Marketer with core experience in SEO and Paid Search, passionate about online marketing and always try to dig for new scopes & strategies.

                                                                    Looking forward for some great learning and engaging experience here.




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                                                                      Level 1

                                                                      lets connect, im good with online advertising, web development and the like. i work for adobe too.

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                                                                        Zeshan Ahmer Adobe Employee

                                                                        Sounds good ovidiumacoway Would love to hear your views over an SEO Checklist post just published.

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                                                                          vijayj kumar Adobe Employee

                                                                          Hello Everyone,

                                                                          My name is Vijay Kumar. I have been working with Adobe for almost 2 years now. I’m a Digital Marketer with core experience in Paid Search.
                                                                          Looking forward for some great learning experience here.

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                                                                            AMYTH86 Level 1

                                                                            Hello everyone!


                                                                            I am Amit Rathore, part of NA Ad Cloud/AMO team for 3.5 years now. I’m a Digital Marketer with core experience in Paid Search, passionate about digital marketing. I just love to learn more and more about the new strategies coming up with the changing environment.


                                                                            This is an awesome platform to share and add to your arsenal of knowledge   

                                                                            Looking forward for some great learning and engaging experience here.


                                                                            Thanks so much for having me!



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                                                                              himanshukhandelwal Level 1

                                                                              Hello everyone


                                                                              I'm Himanshu Khandelwal. Working with HDFC Life Digital Marketing team. Have approx 2 years of experience in digital marketing world.


                                                                              At HDFC Life, I am managing complete Adobe Stack - that includes AMO, Analytics, AAM, Campaign & Target.


                                                                              Hope to learn more from here with latest development going in Adobe World and utilise those in my current organization.




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                                                                                shankar_dayal Adobe Employee

                                                                                Hello everyone,


                                                                                I am Shankar Dayal working as Consultant – AMO with Adobe for past 1.5 years.  I have 7+ yrs of Experience with Digital Marketing and worked across various platforms.


                                                                                Looking forward for some great learning and engaging experience here.

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                                                                                  rahulbhatia1 Adobe Employee

                                                                                  Hello everyone,


                                                                                  I am Rahul Bhatia working as Consultant – Ad Cloud with Adobe for past 3.5 years.  I have 7+ yrs of Experience with Digital Marketing and worked across various programmatic and automation platforms.


                                                                                  I am working closely with key client stakeholders to develop their digital marketing strategy and drive excellent results across display, video, social & paid search advertising leveraging Adobe Media Optimizer and Tube Mogul.

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                                                                                    abhinavgupta83 Adobe Employee



                                                                                    I am Abhinav Gupta, with 9+ years of experience in Integrated Digital Campaign Management, Web Analytics, Content Marketing and Media Planning.  I have been previously associated with Isobar, Exponential, and IndiaMart and has managed end to end Digital Operations for multiple brands in automotive, consumer electronics and travel segments.  I come with an in-depth knowledge of DSP's, Ad servers, web analytics tools and web technologies which resulted in remarkable client ROI and performance.




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                                                                                      Discoveryparks Level 1

                                                                                      Just dropping in to say G'day


                                                                                      My name is Dave Thomas, I work for Discovery Parks in the digital marketing department and we are just kicking off our Ad Cloud journey - looking forward to working with Adobe an take our marketing efforts and strategy to the next level.




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