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    AEM 6.1 Touch UI: Datepicker Field not prepopulated with stored value




      I'm currently facing a strange issue:

      I've a component that includes text inputs and a date picker (Resource Type: granite/ui/components/foundation/form/datepicker).

      I can add and edit values for all input fields and they are shown properly on the component on the edited webpage.

      The system also stores all values properly.


      But when I re-open the dialog the value for the date selected via date picker is not shown. The date picker input field remains empty.

      All other inputs are prepopulated with the stored values.

      The date is shown on the component but not in the date picker.

      If I save the dialog with the empty date picker value the date will be overwritten with null.


      Any idea what I can do to show the entered date there?


      Thanks and best regards