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    Tools to Create and Decode Tracking URLs



      I am using media optimizer pixel based conversion tracking service. What are the tools I can possibly use to create tracking tags and what are the major features and pros and cons of those. Thanks!

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          ritikam90154231 Adobe Employee

          Hi Akanksha,

          can you please elaborate the question, are you talking about Conversion tags or some other tracking ?



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            ManuMalhotra Adobe Employee

            Hi Akanksha,

            Thanks for writing in.

            You can use

            • Conversion Tag tool to create AMO tags - you need to create a distinct conversion tag for each set of transaction properties you wish to track. YOu can access it here Search/Dispaly/Social > Tools & Settings > Conversion Tags
            • Tracking URL tool to manually generate click tracking URLs. However, basis the tracking options defined in your account setting, AMO can generate a destination URL hence you might not need this tool.
            • Decode Tracking URL tool basically gives you the core URL and removes the AMO code from it.

            Feel free to let me know if you have more questions.