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    Improve Conversion Rates

    suzanne14995 Level 1

      Can you share a few best practices on how to improve conversion rates, using AMO?

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          jkelson44 Level 1

          Hi suzanne14995!

          A few of the things that I have done that have helped conversion rates are the following:

          - Implement sound account structure

          - Raw search query mining for positive and negative KWs

          - Ad copy testing

          - Utilize AMO bidding, with campaign adjust features, MBA adjustment, and RLSA portfolios


          Let me know if you have any specific questions!


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            ManuMalhotra Adobe Employee

            Hi there!

            Thanks Josh for adding in valuable inputs here.

            Along with AMO, you also get access to tools such as match type split checker/tool. It provides you with match type split and its % contribution to cost as well as revenue for each portfolio. With this analysis you can focus on which portfolios need most attention and are lagging in exact match type (most desirable) contribution to cost as well as revenue.