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    SEO analytics

    dvenkate Adobe Employee

      If I want to put my page through a SEO analytic program, how would you suggest I go about it?

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          smudasir Adobe Employee

          Hi Dhanya,

          I am not sure whether your question refers to "how to Optimize your page by using best SEO practices".

          Let me know and i would be happy to answer your query


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            jkelson44 Level 1

            I use a chrome plugin called SEO Site Tools that I like. It's a very basic tool but gives you some quick insight into what you can improve SEO wise. If you are looking for something more in depth, I would consider an SEO company, or a few other tools. Depending on what you are trying to do, let me know and I can make some recommendations.


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              shankar_dayal Adobe Employee

              Hi,  Please be specific whether you refer to SEO activities or tracking your SEO efforts.  You may use Google Analytics tools to track your efforts.  If you want deep analysis you may use Google webmaster central and link both Webmaster and Analytics tools.