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    Need help in validating click tracking?

    ishitaa25076879 Level 1


      I am an advertiser and I have recently started using AMO. I want to configure AMO so that I can track click. Also I want to verify whether it is working fine or not.

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          TanmayM Adobe Employee


          Welcome to the Community!

          For Media Optimizer to track clicks, the following elements must be configured and validated.
          1.    Media Optimizer account managers set up the advertiser as a pixel customer.
          2.    Specify the correct tracking options for each of the advertiser's search accounts, search campaigns, and social accounts.
          3.    If necessary, generate tracking URLs and upload them for some campaign elements.
          4.    Validate the format of a few of the click tracking URLs, and test them to validate that the correct landing page opens:
          5.    In the TS Console, run the user check report to see if any of the tracking IDs are missing or malformed. If any tracking IDs need adjustment, correct them by uploading bulksheet files with the correct URLs to the appropriate accounts.

          I hope this helps. Thanks!


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            jkelson44 Level 1

            Hi Ishitaa,

            What type of account are you setting up? Google, Bing? The tracking setup is done in the account setup when you link your search engine (SE) accounts in AMO.

            Let me know if I can help!