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    Analyzing search terms

    dvenkate Adobe Employee

      How do I find out which search terms created enough traffic and conversions to be added as keywords?

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          ManuMalhotra Adobe Employee

          Hi Dhanya,

          I assume you will be using these keywords as part of on-page and off-page optimization process. You can look at some of the following to expand keyword coverage.

          • Get the Search Term Report from AMO/Adwords and analyse which ones are relevant to the business and need to be added as keywords
          • If you have access to analytics, you might like to look at organic search queries that are generating quality traffic and have higher potential

          In addition, you might also like to try get your hands on semrush or any other competitive sem analysis tool that will help you add more quality keywords.

          Hope this helps.



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            dvenkate Adobe Employee

            Thank you Manu!