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    Missing Baggage Folder in RH 7


      Hi, there.
      I'm trying add baggage files to an RH project, which I've done a zillion times in older projects, but in my new project there is no Baggage Folder to be found anywhere. Any idea why? How to fix? I have to add some PDFs and link them to topics, so I need this folder.
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Welcome to our community, Clementine

          The RoboHelp HTML interface in version 7 has two views. One is the new view and one is the "Classic" view. You control these views by clicking the icon next to the funnel in the little pod toolbar.

          If you are using the default view (the new one) you simply right-click and choose New > Baggage File. If you click the icon to switch views, you will then see the Baggage pseudo folder as you are accustomed to.

          Cheers... Rick
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            Clementine101 Level 1

            Thanks Rick.
            Sadly, that doesn't work. I see the Baggage folder in neither view, and when I click New-Baggage FIle in the new/default view, it appears to let me add it, but then I can't find it in the project later.
            Could it be an issue with the way RoboHelp was installed or configured?
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              Clementine101 Level 1

              I found the problem. By clicking the View Project files icon, I discovered that Baggage Files was not selected. Once i made baggage files viewable, I could add them to the topics.
              Thanks for the assist!