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    dataFunction with deeply nested XML for charts

      I have an xmlListCollection with deeply nested tags ( and a confusing XML design not of my making) and I want to chart some sections of it. When I use a dataFunction series, I expect to get repeating chart elements, like bars. What I get is zip in the chart, and trace reveals that I get two kinds of data:

      xml data visible here xml data
      code visible here code

      using this notation: item.services..servers.array.name
      I get

      using this notation item.services..servers.array.name.text() gets

      What I expect:
      I am passing an array to the series which will spread it out dynamically. Obviously I am feeding it data in the wrong form.

      I have tried:
      1) dropping the ".." ( dot dot ) notation in favor of all the intervening elements explicit.
      2) docs-
      advanced data visualization developer guide pdf
      3) using valueOf() which returns the elements and data

      Oddly this all works with less complex XML, just like the examples its drawn from.

      Any idea what I am doing wrong?