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    Go to a position RELATIVE to the current

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      For the Homepage of my School I have to make a Page-Overview. I use many
      (this time 20) different, but same sized, images. These should stay 10 sec.
      and then should come the next one. If you click (on.Press) at the image,
      the page should be opend. How you can see at http://www.dreieichschule.de/
      I was able to do so. But know I have a problem: I have to put the arrow to
      skip through the images on every layer. So I have to write many codes and I
      have to put the in the correct position. And here is my question: Is it
      possible to make one layer on which you can find the arrows with *one* code
      to skip (for each arrow) through the timeline. I would like to go to the
      next ore the previous keyframe. But at the moment, every Image is in an own
      layer. Do I have to change this? I hope you can help me and I hope you
      understood what I tried to say. If not, write a message to me


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