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    Audio Issue

      Hello all;

      I need some step-by-step instructions. I have sound clips recorded of each slide's narration broken into individual files. I would like to insert these as the narrations to the presentation. (OK I know this is easy using the import feature) Now for the hard part. After I have the narrations and timings done, I would like to add a ambiance track to loop in the background throughout the entire presentation, 'behind" the narration and playing very softly. I was wondering what would be the best procedure to do do this, and can it even be done at all. Right now the only solution I see is to create one huge master track with everything in it, and then import it to slide 1 and then move the timings to match the sound, but I feel this is extreme and way to complicated and that there must be an easier way.

      Thanks in advance to anyone that helps!