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    Quiz question Group Not working

      Dear all,

      I have 2 quizzes in one ppt presentation. The first one is like a trial exam - no reporting, 5 questions. The second one is the real exam with 40 questions. I created a group and set it to pick 5 questions in the 40 questions pool. When i compiled the exam still its 40 questions? Is there a minimum number of questions to be picked from a group of questions? Can anyone kindly advice why the group question feature didn't work? Thank you in advance.

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          I would say double check in the question group settings that 5 out of 40 is selected and then on each question verify that the check box for "always include question in group" is not checked. From there I would say verify that your questions are in your question group (can be done by seeing that there are 40 possible question in that group to chose from). Finally, I would create another question group and move the questions into that group to see if it works better for you.