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    Help with website login


      I'm really new to Coldfusion and have been teaching myself while developing a website using Dreamweaver 8, Colfusion 8 on a Win2k server with MS SQL 2005. All is working well in regard to server access, database integration etc., but for the life of me I can't get my user authentication to work as I would expect.

      I've used the example from the Coldfusion MX Bible, Chapter 40 (yeah, I know its not the right version, but I figure that a lot of the details would still be vaild - a little simpleminded of me perhaps) I have the code in a subdirectory 'Secured' on my website with the application.cfm and login.cfm pages in here. When I click on the login button the page refreshes, regardless of whether or not I have a valid username or password entered.

      If anyone can shed some light on what I am doing wrong (I have no delusions about it being my mistake) I would be very greatful,

      Thanks in advance...