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    Track Videoes using Adobe DTM ?

    prateesh_v Level 1


      Have anyone come across tracking videos using Adobe DTM - Please let me know.


      If yes, please share any resource links or document related to track videos using Adobe DTM.




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        sdiadam Level 2

        One thing to remember is that DTM is a tool to allow you to do things faster.  In this case it won't necessarily track videos for you because there are so many different video providers, each with its own method for tracking.  If you are looking to track HTML5 videos the event based rules can help with that.  However if you are using another video service that has some sort of JavaScript API (Brightcove, Youtube, Vimeo, VideoJS, Flowplayer, etc.), you can use DTM to add the API code to listen for the different video events.  You can load the code you need in a page load rule (make sure it loads at the correct spot, i.e. page top or page bottom), and that will setup the API and/or listeners to track the videos.  Then you have to define what you want to do when it comes to capturing and sending the video data.  You can use the Media Module implementation which won't require any additional settings in DTM.  Or you can store the video data either in data elements (use the _satellite.setVar function) or a global JavaScript variable or object and then create direct call rules for the different video events.  For example you can create "Video Play", "Video Pause", "Video Complete", which would be called as follows:

        _satellite.track("Video Play");
        _satellite.track("Video Pause");
        _satellite.track("Video Complete");

        You can then configure each direct call rule to collect and send the desired data.  Again, there are many possibilities but it depends what kind of data you need, what capabilities your video player has, and how savvy you are with JavaScript, the API code, and tracking videos in SiteCatalyst.

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          jerome.chevreau Level 2


          Using DTM for video tracking as explained above (i.e. using direct calls), may i still have the correct data sent and have my video reporting (considering that i have enabled video reporting in my report suite) fulfilled?

          I would like to avoid using the media plugin and i did notice that using the media plugin the image request contains linkType (pe) as "m_s" or "m_i" and my linkUrl (pev3) is set to "video".

          Does that matter?

          Thank you