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    Audio of CNN video clips splutters in Full Screen mode - Firefox 3.0 on  Vista Home Premium

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      I used Firefox 3.0.3 to watch the video news clips on CNN's site
      ( http://www.cnn.com/) on my HP desktop running Vista Home Premium.
      Everything is perfect until I clicked on Full Screen mode. The video is
      great, but the audio splutters and is totally incomprehensible. Oddly
      enough, Full Screen with Youtube's videos were perfect. It's only the
      CNN videos that gave this problem. I tested with Internet Explorer 7.0
      and the CNN clips in Full Screen mode was perfect.

      I have the latest plugins ie Shockwave Flash v9.0, Shockwave Director

      I have 4mb of RAM on a 2.50 gh Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 processor, with
      4 kb primary memory cache and 6144 kb secondary memory cache. Bus Clock:
      133 megahertz

      How do I correct this problem. Thanks