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    Selecting in layer panel hangs CS4

    Level 7
      This happens fairly consistently to me when in symbol-editing mode
      (specifically a button) in CS4. I go to select an object in one of the
      layers that comprises the button. The cursor changes to a black pointer
      arrow with a small "page" icon attached to it, and CS4 stops responding
      to anything I do. I can move the cursor and click all over the place,
      but nothing happens. I can't select anything from the menu or use a
      keystroke to get out of it. CS4 is also consuming the CPU at this point,
      which would seen to indicate it's stuck in a loop internally. My only
      option is to close FW, which gives me the Windows "this application is
      not responding" warning before killing it.

      Strangely, if I restart FW and open the document again for regular
      editing, selecting an object from the layer panel will cause the same
      problem to occur again. The only way to clear it that I've found is to
      first click on a layer in the panel to select the entire layer. This
      works, and after than I can deselect everything and then select
      individual objects as usual. But the problem is always initiated by
      trying to select an object from the panel while editing a symbol.

      Should I report this directly to Adobe support?