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    posting complex object by web service call

      I have following issues with calling web service with complex object :

      Issue 1: Complex object is getting posted as null
      I used class WebService provided by flex and proxy-config.xml configuration file provided by blazeds to bypass security error which is reaching webservice on web-qa posting Payment object as null to server webservice method insertPayment( Payment pay).
      Forum says it is bug in flex 3 and needs hotfix for flex 3 which is available for licensed copy of flex builder.

      I have made web service request as follows:

      Service Declaration:
      private var advicews:WebService;

      Code inside init() called on creationComplete:
      advicews = new WebService();
      advicews.destination = "ws-advices";
      advicews.port = "AWebServiceSOAP11port_http1";
      advicews.service = "AWebService";
      advicews.endpointURI = " http://web-A:8080/axis12/services1/AWebService1";
      advicews.useProxy = true;

      advicews.addEventListener(FaultEvent.FAULT, handleFault2 );
      advicews.addEventListener(ResultEvent.RESULT, handleWSResult );

      handleFault2 definition:
      public function handleFault2( fault:FaultEvent ):void
      Alert.show( "fault message: " + fault.fault.message );

      handleWSResult definition:
      public function handleWSResult( event:ResultEvent ):void
      Alert.show( "got result " + event.result.toString() );

      web service call on submit:
      postAdvice( advicews );

      postAdvice method definition:

      private function postAdvice( service:AbstractService ):void

      var pay : Payment = new Payment();

      var uid : UserId_type3 = new UserId_type3();
      uid.userId_type2 = "t1.t1";
      pay.userId = uid;



      proxy-config.xml entry for specifying the destination:

      <destination id="ws-advices">
      <wsdl> http://webA:8080/axis12/services2/AWebService?wsdl</wsdl>
      <adapter ref="soap-proxy"/>

      Issue 2: Security exception for cross domain web service request

      To resolve the null object posting issue mentioned above I used the stubs generated with flex builder 3 and commented out lines of wrapper = true and qname as mentioned in the flex forum in the BaseAWebService proxy class generated by flex builder 3 as we discussed.
      But getting the security exception which is not resolved even after placing crossdomain.xml policy file in ROOT.war in web service server.

      If anybody knows the solutions kindly let me know.