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    QoQ over more than 2 tables

    aubweb Level 1
      Hi AIl,

      I've made a query (Q1) that returns me aprox. 90k lines, after that I do QoQ (36 different queries)
      eg :
      Q2 =
      select dataA/dataB as result1 from Q1
      where year_id = 2008 and type = 1
      Q3 =
      select dataA/dataB as result2 from Q1
      where year_id = 2007 and type = 3
      The problem is after that I want to return one query to Flex, I tried to join all the tables but CF allows only a select over 2 tables.

      My wish is to have a query that returns me something like that

      ID | result1 | result2 | ... | result36
      84 8.12 6.48 7.69

      I already tried to create a struct with all my queries but it's not easy to handle the output in flex....
      myOutput = ArrayNew(1);
      myOutput[1] = Q2;
      myOutput[2] = Q3;

      Idea anyone ?

      Thank you for you help