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    Help T_T - Program not compiling properly

      I'm trying to add a short animation to the source file for a game that was built by an outside studio. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get the program to compile correctly: I get tons of errors, graphics dont diplay properly, etc. I thought perhaps I had just messed something up with my codes and animations, but even if i try to compile the original unedited file as a control test, i get the same problems. I have all the external files, scripts, etc.

      None of our scripters are in-house, so there's no one I can ask about this. I know just enough actionscript to prevent Flash from exploding into a gooey mass (which is how I ended up getting tasked with this), but basically my knowledge of flash is limited to it as an animation program so I'm not really sure if theres some kind of settings I need to change, specifically need to export as an .exe (shouldn't be, since the game runs as a .swf), or what.

      I know i'm not providing a whole lot of information about the problem, but thats because I'm not really sure what info is relevant. Let me know if there's anything people need from me and I'll get it to you.