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    Custom Class for movie clips

    eholz1 Level 1
      Hello AS2 Forum,

      I am being forced to use AS2.0. (prefer AS3). I am using Captivate 3, and want to add some Flash created swfs as animations to a slide or slides in my Captivate project (Captivate 3 supports AS2 only at this time).

      I would like to create a class file that has symbol in it. By symbols I mean MovieClips that are converted drawings.
      My test case is just one item, a "plus" sign for addition. I will want to add a minus, a divide (slash), and a multiply (asterisk) once I get my class working.

      I have a nice plus sign that I created using the Flash drawing tools. Is there some way I can add this created symbol to my class? I mean without putting a bunch of code in the class that actually draws the plus sign using "lineto" this and "lineto" that, etc. My thought is create a class called "Operator", and have the signs in the class, and instantiate a sign using something like: var plus:Operator = new Operator("plus");

      The thought of creating the math to draw an asterisk is not exciting!

      Or should I just create the symbols in my fla file, convert to movieclips, and add to the stage using the attachMovie scenario (which is easier).