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    Altering the browser window

      I'm creating a WebHelp for a small program. The WebHelp will be run locally from the program by clicking on the help icon, at which point it will pop up in a browser (I assume this will be IE by default). However, I was to remove the menu bar, tool bar etc of Internet Explorer and don't seem to be able to do this.

      I've looked at Rick Stone's way but as it is now the generation of pop-up blockers it doesn't work.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm fairly new to WebHelp and RoboHelp.


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          Linux Rules Level 2
          Hello Melanie and Welcome!

          Does the program run in a browser? If not, you might consider using CHM Help instead of browser Help (WebHelp).

          If you really need WebHelp, why do you assume users will set their Windows default browser to Infernal Exploiter?

          As far as removing the menu and tool bars from the browser, that would be controlled via the javascript that you use to launch your Help. But that assumes the end user will ALLOW Java/JavaScripts to actually DO that to their browser - I don't allow it so you either can't remove that chrome or you can't run your Help on my workstation.

          Also note that Microsoft tends to make changes to IE via security patches that could change the behavior of your javascript in the future.

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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
            Also if the help is running locally, CHM is the correct format. WebHelp can run locally but not if you have links to PDFs. The norm now is CHMs are local and webhelp is on a server.