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    Multiple tocs issue

      I'm currently working with three different TOCs. One that has all items, my main TOC. One that contains topics only for company A, And one that contains topics for only company B. This as our product is sold under two different brands.

      This seemed to work great, but I noticed that every build has the same amount of data. Using search will also bring me to the other companies topics. So concluding...

      All project files are used, even if they are not used in the TOC.
      How should I adjust my project so that only the project files are used that belong to the topics in the TOC?

      Greetings and thanks in advance...

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Dave

          Wow, I have a new item to add to my list of "Myth-conceptions" regarding the TOC!

          As you have seen, the TOC is only an avenue into the help. Removing things from the TOC doesn't remove them from what you get when you compile or generate.

          You need to investigate using Conditional Build tags and applying them to topics to exclude them from output.

          Cheers... Rick