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    Browser Crash when Selecting Camera Source

      I'm on a Mac with a Dual-Core Intel Xeon processor running OS 10.5.5
      I've experienced this issue with Firefox 3.0.3, Safari 3.1.2, and Camino 1.6.4
      I've experienced this issue with websites: Adobe Connect Pro, Yahoo! Live, and UStream.tv

      Whenever I'm attempting to "allow" a website to access my camera and microphone in the Adobe Flash Player Settings, my browser crashes.

      I can adjust the settings within this Adobe pop-up window (for example, I can switch between camera/mic sources), but whenever I click "allow", the browser crashes.

      I don't have a webcam. I'm attempting to use "DV Video" as my camera source. My source is actually not a camcorder at all--but a DV deck.

      I got this to run stably for several hours the other day. The next day, I started getting the crashes. Now I can't get it stable at all anymore on this Mac Pro.

      I tried the same equipment on someone else's Mac Pro (same system as described above). It worked fine and appeared stable.

      Any thoughts?