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    [CS3] [AS2] Help with _ymouse & _xmouse


      I'm working on this banner - http://koncept2k.com/hostAnalytics/

      The Alt text pop up when user rollover certain individuals. However, on the last 2 guys Gary & Sreedhar on the banner. These text boxs pop-up for them is shifting to the right. I would need them to display in full instead of cut-off.

      This is the script I use for each individual as follow, in this case Gary.

      garyHit_mc.onRollOver = function() {
      this.onEnterFrame = function() {
      garyTxt_mc._alpha += (100-garyTxt_mc._alpha)/3;
      garyTxt_mc._x -= (garyTxt_mc._x-_xmouse)/2;
      garyTxt_mc._y -= (garyTxt_mc._y-_ymouse)/2;

      This is an example of the site that has the correct interaction -

      Thanks a lot for helping me out. Text Text