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    [DMX 04] Can't access Flash sprite properties when invisible or off   stage !

    Level 7

      As I'm getting more and more confident with Flash castmembers, I tried
      to replace a MIAW displaying a datasheet with a Flash movie which I can
      handily put on stage as a sprite.

      Of course, this sprite who once was a MIAW, remains hidden most of the
      time because it just appears on demand.

      The big drawback is that I cannot access its properties when the sprite
      is offstage and/or invisible (and those are the only ways to make it

      So, as this Flash movie has to be dynamically filled with text and
      pictures, I have to use an "updateStage" after I center it on stage and
      so making it visible BEFORE I can fill the form, which is quite ugly.

      Is there any workaround ?