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    PixelBender Vs SDK

    DavideBarranca Level 1
      I'm currently evaluating the possibility to write filters, but I have a "philosophical" problem: since I'm no programmer I'm collaborating with a friend of mine (who actually is a C-sharp programmer) and we're at first deciding which developing environement to choose - namely, PixelBender or Photoshop SDK.
      Since we're in the middle of a transition toward CS4 and still no new SDK are available, PixelBender is very appealing - seems quite "easy" and the prospected integration with Photoshop is a good point as well. But I'm not really aware about its intrinsic limits; for instance, I'm sure via PixelBender we can not make calls to Photoshop filters (as I would need), nor, I think, do color conversion (RGB to Lab). To rewrite, for instance, a gaussian blur filter from scratch is probably not so difficult (there should be a lot of documentation about it), and maybe we can implement some javascript, but I'm still not so convinced: there are maybe things that, being not a programmer, I'm not aware of - and they could compromise our efforts. On the other hand, I've been told that SDK are quite a pain in the neck.
      Any advice from expert filter writers? What won't I never be able to do with Pixel Bender?
      Many thanks in advance,

      Davide Barranca
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          DavideBarranca Level 1
          Bump?! :-)
          Thanks in advance for those who will give me some light,

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            Kevin Goldsmith Level 3
            You asked a very general question. I'm not sure even I have an answer for you.

            Let me try to answer your specific issues. One thing I should be clear about is that I am only talking about the 1st version of the Pixel Bender Plug-in for Photoshop CS4. Things will change over time.

            You cannot access other Photoshop filters from within Pixel Bender. If you want to work in LAB space, you will need to do the conversion in your own filter.

            You cannot access Javascript from within Pixel Bender. You can script the Pixel Bender plug-in like any other Photoshop plug-in, but Pixel Bender is self-contained.

            If you could provide more specific questions, I can try to answer them...
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              DavideBarranca Level 1
              thanks for your answer: I know my questions weren't too much brilliant, in part because they reflected my actual knowledge about programming. Now that I've digged a bit deeper in the subject, I could state them more precisely - in the meantime I've already found some of the answers: what I would have liked to ask, besides things that now appear to me quite obvious (like the impossibility to call PS filter from PB code), is simply related to the code function limitation. Loops and arrays, for instance. But the extra info that they won't work within flash only is enough to me, so PB looks as an appealing option anyway (hoping to not have those limits in the near future when I'll be able to import, somehow, PB filters within PS).
              And reading between the lines makes me think PB language and support will grow and will be maintained (hope to see some built-in color management functions...).
              Thanks again and best regards,

              Davide Barranca
              Bologna, Italy