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    where to start trouble shooting

      weirdest problem I ever had. I recently updated a site done in flash 8 AS1 and made some changes and publsihed to Flash 8 action script2. Something I've never done before

      Locally everything works fine. On the net it is hit or miss. 80 % of the time it works fine, the other 20, none of the flash functionality works. This is an FLV player in a loaded SWF
      To fix it I refresh the browser and all is well again.

      site is pretty simple main movie loading SWFs onto layers. Change I made was to add an a FLV player to an already existing swf that loads onto the main movie.. I am thinking something in the code switch from 1 to 2 but if it works fine sometimes, I can't image what it could be. I would think if it works once, it should work all the time.


      any thought on where to trouble shoot would be appreciated.