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    Scrolling Menu

    Ross MacKay
      Hi there,

      First time posting here, but been using Flash for a long time, but my skill levels are probably at 'newbie' so though this might be the best place to post this... I know the basics, like creating movieclips (gotoAndStop etc), buttons, tweening etc, but advanced things are beyond me.

      Basically I am trying to create a menu whereby you click on buttons and the background scrolls along to the appropriate section. It's easier to show you an example (not done in flash, but essentially the same thing i want) so check this site out: http://www.techitez.com.au/

      I want this sort of thing, except going up and down, not side to side.

      Following a Tutorial I have done domething very similar for another site ( http://www.rokatdesign.com.au/client...r/compnow.html) but I'm not any good at understanding actionscript so I can't just rejig it to do what i want it to. This was using "if _xmouse" and "NextFrame/PrevFrame" type code.

      Does anyone have any ideas, or any tutorials that I could go to that teach this sort of thing?

      Thanks, Ross