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    ASP, Flash streaming flv, https, IE = problem

      Hi, I have a flash streaming problem.

      We have an external website that uses ASP, https. The website is situated on a website companies server and we have to just make updates to the website via an administration tool...So they basically have control over the site functions and design and i can only add content.

      Ive added some pages and inserted a .swf file ( i have flash 8 if that helps) to stream a .flv from our own server using a differnt domain name, the videos work fine on firefox but not in IE, Opera or Chrome. The player shows up on the page but it seems to try to access the flv from our server and fails (sometimes it works but not very often).

      About a 1/4 of the videos used to work in explorer but ive just checked and they no longer work so that makes me even more confused!

      What i also find strange is In the admin tool (using IE) the videos i have inserted work completely fine when i preview them in the admin but when viewing them on the front end they just dont stream!

      This has really got me stumped

      Is this an issue with the ASP and SSL or could it be the flash files somehow or maybe IE

      Im no expert when it comes to scripting, im a video editor really. If any of the above seems unclear i will do my best to explain

      Any help would be much appreciated guys, whether it be specific fixes or an explanation to why this is happening

      Thanks for any replies