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    Play Native FLV on Windows in Director

    Wolfgang Herold Level 2
      No, it's not a fake
      YES it really works with some restrictions.

      1. Install FFDSHOW found here

      2. download FLVSplitter.7z from here
      http://ffdshow.faireal.net/mirror/Media%20Player%20Classic/external%20filters/Release%20Un icode

      3. extract FLVSplitter.ax with 7zip

      4. register it in Commandline with 'regsvr32 FLVSplitter.ax'

      now you can view a .flv-file with mediaplayer or some other player

      5. now the special trick: rename foo.flv to foo.avi ( Director cannot import flv) and import the file as
      avi -> WINDOWS MEDIA ( not Qicktime or AVI ). Put it on the score as every other WINDOS MEDIA

      PS: workes also with H264 HD files (.f4v) created with Betaversion of FlashCS4 Beta.
      have 35% performence indicated for Director in taskmanager with 1280x720 test.f4v
      on my AMD64X2 6000 PC