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    Director Transitions

      I am looking for 3rd party transitions for Director 11. Direct transitions worked great for Director 2004, but I can't seem to make them work for Director 11. Does anyone know a good place to get a Fade transition for Director 11?

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          Wolfgang Herold Level 2
          i tested directtransitions3D xtraset 1 and it worked for me with no problems ( Author and Projector on XP), although that is not D11 ready.

          Try Billeniumtransitions at http://www.billeniumsoft.com/
          Tat is allready converted to D11

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            Brian Stew Level 2

            Originally posted by: rwcshaka... Does anyone know a good place to get a Fade transition for Director 11? Thanks

            This is a copy form a post I made earlier. The method below will take a snapshot of the current screen, move to a new location and fades the snapshot out. If there's video on the screen you're moving from, you do need to turn DTS off when taking the snapshot, or it will just be a black square there. It's included in the script.


            Here is one way to navigate from marker "A" to "B" triggered by a mousclick, with a fade transition:

            1. On the navigation button for screen "A", attach this:

            on mouseDown me
            member("myCurrentVideo").directToStage = FALSE --you can omit these two
            member("myNewVideo").directToStage = FALSE
            myImage = window("stage").image
            member("stageimage").image = myImage

            on mouseUp me
            go to "B"

            2. Create a 'dummy' graphic member called "stageimage". Put a small rectangle in it. Unerneath your screen "B" in the Score (where you want to navigate to), drag it directly into the Score; not on to the Stage. This will keep it centered. The sprite channel should be higher than any other elements in "B"; in my example #10.

            3. Create a Scorescript where screen "B" starts (anywhere - you don't need additional cells for the fade from "A" at all), and put this in:

            on enterFrame me
            if sprite(10).blend > 1 then
            sprite(10).blend = sprite(10).blend - 2 --the last number determines the speed of the fade
            sprite(10).visible = false
            member("myNewVideo").directToStage = TRUE --you can omit this
            end if

            --add a 'go to the frame' after this.

            If the jump from A to B occurs several times (possibly), you should attach this to the sprite (here #10) that fades:

            on beginsprite me
            sprite(me.spritenum).visible = 1
            sprite(me.spritenum).blend = 100

            It will ensure that it is always ON and visible before each new fade.

            You can of course reuse this several places, and you don't need new members for each Stage image.

            The timing here relies on the actual framerate you can obtain. If you're comfortable with using Timer objects, it's more precise. Modern computers are powerful enough to play back the framerate you set however, so I've just made it simple.