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      I'm just one of those people who learn best if I can use a working example to play with, and I have not been able to find a flexbook example which I can get to work. The one from quietlyscheming imports into flex 3.0 but generates an error not being able to locate c:\dev\qs\lib. Another example just generated a blank page. If anyone knows of a simple flexbook project that one can just import and run with I would be deeply grateful.

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          For the issue you're running into with not being able to find \dev\qs\lib, try creating a new Flex project, and on the first page there is an option to use the default location or to browse to one. Browse to the book folder (or whatever you named the folder you unzipped the FlexBook to), and choose it. After finishing with the creation of the project, it should compile/run without that error.
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            VPI MkIII Level 1
            That corrected the error, thanks. However, I am now able to build the project with no errors but when I go to open the html file created in the cgi-bin directory nothing happens just a blank page (at least it has the default flex background color). In fact none of the source that I download from the quietlyscheming site works - despite the clean build.

            Any thoughts?