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    Sync Single SWF in Sidebar to Multiple Slides AND Upload to Connect Pro

      Thank you for reading this. I have a three 18-20 min SWF movies of presenters who are talking to between 19-30 slides each. I see it's been suggested that there is no easy way to do this, BUT, that one can locate the reference XML file; and then cut and paste the video link; and then adjust each in and out time. Phew!
      Has anyone done this with success? Are there any other tricks or pointers? Any software that forwards Time Markers to SWF and presenter?

      I then need to post these Presenter files onto a Connect Pro Account. Will the time spent adjusting the XML file be worth it OR should I make up and import up to 90 small SWFs one for each slide? OR Are there any other strategies? Thanks for your ideas!